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@midnight Power Rankings: 3/16-19

Another week, another set of @midnight Power Rankings. As always, this is a purely subjective ranking based upon show performance and not a judgment on the individuals involved, their talent, or any effects of writing and editing.

1. Ron Funches (W)
2. Ricky Velez (M)
3. Alice Wetterlund (M)
4. April Richardson (T)
5. Jesse Joyce (M)
6. Paul Scheer (T)
7. Erinn Hayes (Th)
8. Rob Huebel (Th)
9. Sean Patton (T)
10. David Wain (Th)
11. Bianca Kajlich (W)
12. Rick Glassman (W)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup, 3/16-20

Shows watched: Monday Night Raw, Lucha Underground, NXT, Smackdown

Still behind on: New Japan Pro Wrestling (three weeks behind, watched two over the weekend, one OK one good.)

Match of the Week:

Mil Muertes vs. Fenix, Grave Consequences, Lucha Underground.

Card Crawl (iOS)

The Roman Reigns Problem

The Week In Superhero TV Holy Shit Moments

I could do recaps, I could do reviews, but let's face it, the only real reason we watch the golden age of superhero TV is for the HOLY SHIT moments. So now that we're through the big Tuesday-Wednesday block for superhero shows, let's take a look at those moments.

The Flash:

HOLY SHIT Eobard Thawne!
HOLY SHIT Accidental Time Travel!
HOLY SHIT Anti-Weather-Wizard Wand!
HOLY SHIT Oh that's gonna get undone by the time travel.
HOLY SHIT Oh that's gonna get undone by the time travel too.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

HOLY SHIT May's Ex-Husband!

The Case For The Apple Watch

At the risk of undercutting my title, let me start by saying I don't need an Apple Watch. You don't need one either. Nobody needs one.

And I'm not talking "need" in the sense of "food, clothing, and shelter". I'm talking tech need. I'm talking nerd need. I need a streaming box for my bedroom TV so that I can access DLNA content and Netflix before I fall asleep. The Apple Watch doesn't even meet that threshold of need.

@Midnight Power Rankings: Mar 9-12

Right, I'll be trying out a bunch of ideas as OLDNERD moves forward. So this week, as I got caught up on @Midnight, everyone's fovorite comedy game show since Bunk got cancelled, I thought I'd just rank the comedians' performance over the course of the whole week.

This isn't judging them as people, or even as comedians. It's just how they performed on the show, knowing that writing and editing and whatnot play a big role so it's nothing personal

That said, clearly, if there's one episode to catch from last week, it's Monday's - first-rate stuff from all three comedians. The rankings:

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup

Shows watched: Monday Night Raw, Lucha Underground, NXT, Smackdown

Still behind on: New Japan Pro Wrestling (four weeks behind by now)

Match of the Week:

Johnny Mundo v. King Cuerno, steel cage, Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground's first (I think) steel cage match did not disappoint. Good story, lots of innovative offense, and good pacing, which is especially difficult in a cage match. Mundo wins with End of the World of the top of the goddamned cage.

Show of the Week: Lucha Underground

Powers S1E1 - Pilot

Old nerds are living in a bit of a golden age right now when it comes to superheroes. Comics we read ten years ago, twenty years ago, or even thirty years ago are being used as the basis of movies and TV shows. And a lot of the time, unless Zach Snyder or Roberto Orci are involved, they don't suck.

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