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@midnight Power Rankings (June - July 2

This was a powerhouse of a week on @midnight. Honestly, I'm not even super-sure of these rankings. I know Wednesday's show was the weakest show by dint of only being funny instead of really fucking funny, but every single one of these is worth your time.

Individual Rankings:

Emily Gordon (T)
Kumail Nanjiani (T)
Zach Pearlman (M)
Jonah Ray (T)
Hannibal Buress (Th)
Pete Holmes (Th)
Bridgett Everett (Th)
Sara Colonna (M)
James Adomian (W)
Doug Benson (M)
Arden Myrin (W)
Brian Posehn (W) (who was right about AbFab)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (May 29-July 4)

My cable box fucked up and so I missed 75% of Smackdown, so a lot of this will be going off of recaps because apparently "get it on demand if you missed it" is an alien concept to the WWE when it comes to their two most important shows. Anyway, where were we?


Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (June 23-27)

My goal, always, is to write about wrestling the way I'm thinking about wrestling, not think about wrestling the way I've decided to write about wrestling. So it's another format change for the Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup, looking at characters, feuds, stories, and matches across the week.


@midnight Power Rankings (June 22-25)

Here's something that happens a lot on @midnight. The worst show of the week was a "the cast of" episode, featuring the cast of TBS's hair comedy, "Clipped". Here's something that happens almost never on @midnight. The best show of the week was a "the cast of" episode. But the cast was cast members from thej awesome "Another Period", so it almost doesn't count.

Biggest surprise of the individual rankings, Will Sasso, killing it non-stop as part of Thursday's "Another Period" episode.

Individual Rankings:

1. Will Sasso (Th)
2. Kate Micucci (Th)
3. Cameron Esposito (W)


The way of the OLDNERD is thus: Jury-rigging, kludging, and convoluted ingenuity are strictly for prototyping and proof of concept. Once you've proven the concept, your time, money, and energy should go towards the building of infrastructure to make the whole thing as simple and as smooth as possible.

Which is an elaborate way of saying that yes, I bought a fancy electric smoker.

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (June 15-19)

I'll be honest. Right now, it's very, very difficult to give a shit about any wrestling that doesn't involve either Kevin Owens or Lucha Underground. There wasn't even a New Japan on my DVR this week, so it just boils down to a single, hour-long match on LU, and a bunch of WWE bullshit.


...Prince Puma. Johnny Mundo. Iron Man. ALL NIGHT LONG.

@midnight Power Rankings (June 15-18

Not only was it a very good week for the show, it was also a very good week for watching the show, as I got all four episodes seen by Friday. As always, who knows what the editing does, but it seems like Margaret Cho brought less to the table than I'd have thought. Ron Funches and PFT were MVP's as usual, and having them on the same show? Priceless. Big props to Little Britain's Matt Lucas, who really killed it on Monday.

Individual Rankings:

1. Ron Funches (T)
2. Paul F. Tompkins (T)
3. Matt Lucas (M)
4. Dave Hill (M)
5. Hannah Hart (W)
6. April Richardson (T)
7. Matt Mira (W)

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Did Not Win Me Over

I don't fucking get it.

I got the first couple seasons of Game of Thrones. I wouldn't say I enjoyed them as such, but I got why they were popular. They were some of the best produced fantasy ever made. Solid acting, great sets, great costuming, and given the nature of the source material, it was fairly compelling narratively. For a while.

@Midnight Power Rankings (June 8-11)

I know I skippped the power rankings last week, because by the time I was able to watch Thursday's episode, I had a tough time figuring out where it fit in the final rankings and then it was too late. But I want to give a special shoutout to Janet Varney, who won last week's unpublished Power Rankings by a country fucking mile, killing it two Wednesdays ago.

This past week featured a lot of solid performers, but Chris Gethard's Challenger bit during the Space Porn speed round won the week for him and for the show he was on.

Individual Rankings:

1. Chris Gethard (Th)

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